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About Everyday Connect4

Everyday Connect4 is a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect women from all walks of life and empower them to find their God given purpose. We will strive to equip women with resources that will help promote positive change in their lives which will ultimately help change our community as we focus on four areas in life:  faith, family, finance and fitness.

Statistics today shows that more than 70% of our households are headed by women.  This means that women are now placed in a role that requires them to be more independent and self-sufficient.  The resources that Everyday Connect4 will exposes you to are being sought after more today than ever before. Our organization is determined to help provide access to a variety of resources that will equip women with tools to help them become empowered in their new role as a leader. 

Exposure is everything and Everyday Connect4 understands more things are achieved when given a visual. Women in positive relationships creates greater positive thinking. 

Everyday Connect4 believes in the slogan, "it takes a village". We host quarterly workshops bringing in a variety of style leaders to share tips, tools and knowledge in areas that best serve the heart of the community. One prayer is each encounter  will inspire women to see goals being attainable.

Everyday Connect4 strives to remain at the heart of all women needs. Each opportunity women are given to connect, my prayer is that each one will envision their own hidden heart desires and they may also find their strength. 

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

To connect women from all walks of life, provide an atmosphere in which they can envision a life beyond today.

To give a sudden exposure of their own heart desires that may have previously been hidden.

To hope for each one to have an encounter with another woman that will drive them toward their next.

To empower by equipping them with tools to help fulfill their God given purpose in life.

Our Mission

To strengthen the community while building positive relationships using a village of resources to educate women in 4 areas:


Our Vision

Where It Started

Everyday Connect4 was created after realizing just how many women were actually in my everyday circle of life. Since a little girl, I have always had a great love for people. After spending many years as an only child for most of my childhood, every child I met was given the title of my sister, my cousin most definitely my new friend. Relocating year after year would have been challenging for most but for me, God built me different. I can't say I was looking to move but the next move was never difficult. I always saw it as a new opportunity to meet more people. I learned quickly that most people are only from different places but people share more in common than they think.

God has a funny sense of humor because even with me attending twelve schools before finishing high school, I never saw connecting as a gift or a blessing. As an adult, I know now, he was preparing me for this purpose all along. My every day connections today is the very thing that has created me to become the person God had destined before I in my mothers womb.  

My career has been working in the field of hospice (providing care for the terminally ill); now, nearly fourteen years in, the variety of disciplines have provided me more wisdom and knowledge concerning people and their life journey. God is still connecting me and using me to connect others. Today, people connections are everything to me. Women are whom I most connect with of course because I am a woman. Many of us, work, provide more than half the care for the children, provide more than half the share of the work load in the home and some may even bring in more than half of the income in their home. This shows how many women are giving, giving, and giving. Through my workshops, my goal is to give back to them.  


Women around the globe are often having to carry an entire community on their shoulders. Everyday Connect4 is here to give these oh so strong women a place to be vulnerable, to open their hearts so any hidden desires may be revealed again. The things they give so naturally, I am praying they receive freely through many resources to equip and empower them to build again what they may have lost while building others.

Since more women are the backbone of more communities, we strive to promote positive changes in them, give clear vision for them to stop just existing and start living again. Connections to strengthen their faith, family, finance and fitness.


Angel Mahoney-Smith

Our Founder
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Angel is the proud founder of Everyday Connect4, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was created to connect women from all walks of life and equip them with the necessary tools tempower them to live their best life while growing and developing in the areas of their faith, family, finance and fitness.


Angel was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. Angel parents divorced early in her life; however, her dad remarried and she gained a bonus sister and a bonus brother. She also has one biological brother who came a decade after her. Louisiana has rich southern roots and her family made certain to plant them in her. Her southern charm and hospitality is extended to everyone she meets. Angel has not been exempt from hardships, pain, and suffering. She has even taken some loses in life but through all of it, she has held on to her magnetic smile and her heart is still soft for others. Remember, Angel has never meets a stranger.  

God's purpose for her life started as a little girl; only,  she didn't know it. For as long as she can recall, she has always had a desire to teach and a heart to serve. She was the little girl whom you would find in your living room each weekend and all summer long given lesson plans to her cousins. Still today, her heart has remained, every student who participated was given some sort of a treat. Angel is still teaching and still giving. 

Her passion for people has afforded her many opportunities to serve. Angel's helping hands have been used in a variety of organizations; all which has affected change. Local public schools, health and wellness, women in domestic violence, homeless shelters, prison ministries and many more have been touched by Angel. She embraces the diversity of the world.


Today, Angel has lived in Irving, Texas nearly twenty years. She is working on her Bachelor's degree at Wiley College. She is ecstatically grateful to God for all He is creating her to become.

Angel is a mom to 4 beautiful young adult children and a Gigi to two handsome little boys, Eli Benjamin and Kylen Blake. These two little boys have her heart and are her greatest joy in life.

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